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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Audio and Video System

Audio and Video System
Audio and Video System Cvm Contractors NYC

We offer audio and video system installations perfect for your entertainment needs.

From friendly expert advice or a few pieces of equipment to full turn-key audio, video, lighting, acoustical, and environmental solutions for your facility, Somerset Media Group is your full-service partner for all your organization's technical and production challenges and needs! 

Here is how we can serve you:

  • Professional live audio, stage lighting, video projection, and video camera systems
  • Video capture, recording, and web streaming
  • LED and moving light system design and installation
  • Building-wide audio, video, and control systems
  • Architectural lighting design and dimming systems
  • Acoustical treatment design and installation for existing and new facilities
  • Environmental, aesthetic, and stage design
  • Multi-site and multi-campus audio, video, and lighting, including portable systems and packaging
  • Acoustical measurement and analysis, including environmental noise and NC analysis
  • Optimization and alignment of existing audio, video, and lighting systems
  • Equipment upgrades to existing systems
  • Temporary equipment rentals
  • Friendly and professional consultation at every level
  • New facility designs and build-outs, including coordination with architects, designers, and contractors
  • Training and equipping for your staff and volunteer technical and production teams
  • Ministry, infrastructure, and facility masterplanning for the future
  • Unparalleled support
Designers and contractors praise Cvm contractors eye for detail and ability to coordinate, while clients are repeatedly impressed by follow-through and willingness to please after the job is finished (Cvm contractors work comes with a warranty). Reflecting the firm’s status, prices are not cheap, but clients agree that the quality “could not be higher.” They also praise the training, saying Cvm contractors staff will both install a top-notch system and teach you how to use it, a key factor for those who have been left high and dry with eight remotes. Admittedly, this might not be a great choice for very small jobs—those in need of a simple flatscreen installation would be advised to go elsewhere. However, for “truly remarkable” systems that are “future-proofed” to keep with the rapid pace of technology, Audio Video Systems is on many shortlists.

Wireless Home Control System

Wireless Home Control System
Wireless Home Control System Cvm Contractors NYC

Why You Need a Wireless Home Automation System for Your Home?

If you’ve heard of wireless home automation and aren’t really sure what to think about it, you’ve come to the right place. Wireless home automation can be really simple to explain, and its benefits are even simpler to describe. When it comes to home automation, it’s really a matter of choosing between wired and wireless, and once you’ve figured out that wireless is the way to go, the system is simple. As always, don’t just take in what you read online; talk to a professional home security company in your area. We can even put you in touch with one on this website. But for starters, we’ll give you some information about what wireless home automation is really all about.

What Wired Home Automation Was

Wired home automation is what home automation used to be. When home automation began, we dreamed about the Jetsons and robots and what life could be like with everything working automatically for us.1254480_84097959 But we never really realized how that could be wireless.  So of course, wired home automation meant hooking up every alarm or sensor or other home security product to the power lines running through your home (or installing entirely new wiring just for the home automation system). 
It was a reliable process, but it was also tiring and expensive and downright frustrating at times. And then with new developments in technology, we discovered that not only could we use wireless connections with the radio and with the Internet but we could also do so with home automation.

What Wireless Home Automation Is?

Wireless home automation is what home automation is now. It bypasses the whole “tearing open the walls to put in new wiring” issue by forgoing the need for wiring at all. With a wireless system, all you need is a central control panel (which you’d need for a wired system anyway) and the right devices that can wirelessly connect to it. Wireless home automation is about making home automation easier for the homeowner, easier for the home security product supplier, and far tougher for the home invader or intruder to crack. With a wireless system, the devices are all connected through radiofrequency airwaves that aren’t like wires that can be cut. It’s difficult to intercept and block the connections in a wireless home security system or any kind of wirelessly connected home automation system. These systems are reliable and extremely easy to install. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to get some professional out to your home to install the system for you. Instead, you can just consult them as needed for advice and take care of things yourself. Wireless home automation also makes it a whole Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone (929) 263-4859 1lot easier to connect everything – no worries about mixing up the wiring! It doesn’t matter what kinds of security devices you are using, so long as they can connect on the right level of GHz; you can use any number of home security products of various types in a wireless home automation system.

Wireless home automation and home security is the new age of home automation. Some home security companies are so reliant on it that they’ve dropped all wiring services and are now exclusively wireless. Consult a technician near you to find out more, or click the banner on the side of the page to contact a home automation professional that could help you out.

Get in touch with Cvm Contractors and get all the information you need for detailed information about our Wireless Home Control System.

Climate Control System

Climate Control System
Climate Control System Cvm Contractors NYC

Control your heating, cooling and overall comfort.

For an excellent energy efficient approach, we offer climatA delicate balancing act...

Climate control is not just a matter of ‘blowing hot and cold’ air.

The climate within your home or building is affected by a combination of heating and cooling systems, levels of humidity and ventilation, and seasonal changes in the wider environment. Fortunately, modern climate control systems are able to manage the often delicate balance between all these contributing factors to create the perfect solution for your needs.

Cvm Contractors will work with you to make sure you are using the best available technologies to provide a healthy and pleasant indoor environment for your family or workplace personnel, maximising their comfort and reducing the risk of airborne allergans and pathogens.

We are also experienced in creating dedicated climate control systems for specialist use in situations such as computer rooms, document storage facilities and wine cellars.e control systems.

Ambiance LED Lighting

Ambiance LED Lighting
Ambiance LED Lighting Cvm Contractors

Cvm Contractors also covers the design of LED lighting environment. A spectacular lighting system for the most demanding clients.

Has expanded to additional line and low voltage lighting systems for use in a variety of residential, architectural or commercial applications. The complete line of Ambiance now includes linear, LED tape, disc, standalone, rail, pendant and miniature recessed lighting systems; Many of which are available with LED lamps.

Ambiance products are engineered to be high quality, customizable lighting solutions at an affordable price for lighting specifiers and consumers alike. Each of their systems comes in a variety of styles and finishes with lamping options that allow you to create the look that is just right for your project. Whether you are a lighting designer working on a new retail space or a homeowner looking to make your home really stand out, Ambiance Lighting Systems are easy to configure and install to get that perfect lighting effect everytime.

Counter Top

Counter Top
Counter Top Cvm Contractors NYC

Cvm Contractors specializes in designing and creating custom made stone works for architects, interior designer’s domestic and commercial projects and homeowners. We do all aspects of stonework including floors, walls, staircases, kitchens, baths and surrounds, vanity tops, fireplaces and unique designer pieces, Bring the luxury of natural stone to your home. Simple touches on flooring and around the fireplace by installing natural stone will add elegance and value to your property. Are you uncertain about the counter that is suitable for your particular needs. Let our professionals at Bkny Contractors  tell you what is better for you. We at Cvm Contractors  service the tristate area for over 18 years Come in to our warehouse and be surprised! We invite architects and interior designers to bring their clients to visit us, to talk to our experienced staff and unearth the potential that natural stone and Bkny Contractors  have to offer. Our varieties of stones are appropriate for any commercial or residential spaces. We offer our clients the highest quality of products, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable team of professionals to assist you through any project, small or large.  Cvm Contractors welcomes the opportunity to service you and/or your business.

A Choice of Luxury Kitchen Countertop Materials.

Granite countertops can improve your kitchen appearance and they are available in different colors and shapes. The quality of product affects the price of the product. At the same time, granite countertops are truly expensive. When you are planning to buy such an expensive household accessory, it should be inspect carefully. As a supplier of granite countertops, we will advise you to visit our warehouse and check the quality of our final product. 

Mаrblе is a crystallized limеѕtоnе and ѕо can bе polished to a mirrоr-finiѕh, which bringѕ depth in itѕ соlоr and lооkѕ gоrgеоuѕ. Limеѕtоnе iѕ a сhаlkу, duѕtу rосk, whilе mаrblе is hard аnd compact. Onе оf the mоѕt costly materials for kitchen соuntеrtорѕ is marble ѕtоnе. Althоugh it hаѕ аn еxсеllеnt арреаrаnсе, mаnу оthеr properties mаkе thе mаrblе vеrу еxсеllеnt соuntеrtор mаtеriаl.
Mаrblе countertops irrеѕресtivе of thе fact whеrе thеѕе are used, if properly mаintаinеd, continue to give an attractive lооk fоr a lifе timе.

Travertine is a very ancient origins of rock used in construction. The travertine was used in Rome as early as the first millennium BC

The color of travertine is created by oxides, which has in its interior, common factor, being a relatively porous stone. The natural colors range from milky white to dark walnut color, through various shades of yellow or red. Not infrequently, you can glimpse within their structure of fossil animals and plants.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors
Frameless Shower Doors Cvm Contractors
Passion for glass
We stylish your life with frameless shower doors.

If you are looking for frameless shower doors, you came to the right place. Shower door is one of the primary use of glass. All hotels and luxury houses have frameless shower doors, but In recent days it becomes popular for homes. Cvm Contractors has the experience and technologies to fabricate and decorate frameless shower doors.

Frameless shower doors can be fabricated from different glass types, colors and patterns. glass shower doors are no longer just glass. thanks to designer trends, homeowners now have a variety of glass types, colors, and patterns to choose from. discover the glass types of shower door glass including clear glass, low-iron, frosted, rain, bronze,gray and custom colored glass from Frameless shower doors by Cvm Contractors.

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves
Floating Shelves Cvm Contractors NYC

Although floating or quasi-floating shelves are generally designed to look light, with the proper design and installation elements, they can be robust and handle weight as well as any conventional bookshelf. Many options are available at Cvm Contractors, from true floating shelves, to less expensive floating shelf options, as well as shelves with built-in lights, or shelves that work around corners.

Built-in elegance with floating shelves
These are "true" floating shelves; they are hanging on posts that are screwed into the concrete layer of the wall.

We first ripped out the existing drywall, had metal custom brackets fabricated, and then screwed these into the concrete layer of the wall. We then rebuilt over the wall with venetian plaster, leaving just the posts coming out. Then we slid the floating walnut shelves over the posts. This allowed for rock-solid support, with no visible means of support.

The TV is also "floating"; TV wires go into the wall and emerge into the cradenza below to tie into the audio video gear. This hides all the wires. The white rectangles on the shelves are lacquered storage boxes with hinged lids.

Decorative Glass

Decorative Glass
Decorative Glass Cvm Contractors NYC

Cvm Contractors Inc. is proud to be your single source glass contractor for all architectural glazing and glass installation needs. With experience in the field of custom glass works, glazing and architectural designs, our work includes installation of curtain walls, storefronts, entrances, enclosures, revolving doors and tabletops.
We offer top-level service for both residential and commercial installations, including high-rise apartment buildings, utilizing high-quality materials.


Add color, style, and texture to your interior architecture with decorative glass. Give your entrance a beautiful touch of decorative glass and leave a lasting impression on visitors!
When you need to create classic and contemporary interior, go for nothing other than decorative glass and bring a complete transformation to the entire setting. Decorative glass ensures privacy while allowing adequate light into the interiors.
Durable and beautiful, decorative glass requires low maintenance and may be used along with different glasses with varying functionalities, including safety, acoustic insulation, and thermal insulation. This type of glass can contrast beautifully with stone, wood, steel, and metal. It can be used to decorate your entrances, doors, windows, screens, and cabinets and add a distinctive feature to your entire setting!

Cvm Contractors  Works is engaged in manufacturing an extensive array of decorative glass using top quality material. We design each and every glass design keeping the contemporary market trends in mind.