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Audio and Video System

Audio and Video System
Audio and Video System Cvm Contractors NYC

We offer perfect audio and video system installations for your entertainment needs. From advice from friendly experts or some equipment to integral audio, video, lighting, acoustic and environmental solutions for your installation, we are your full service partner for all the technical and production needs and challenges of your organization.

Designers and contractors praise Cvm Contractors for the details and coordination capacity, while customers are repeatedly impressed by the follow-up and willingness to please once the job is finished (we work with warranty).

They also praise the training, saying that the staff will install a first-class system and teach you how to use it, a key factor for those who have been left outdoors with eight remotes. We work for both small jobs and large installations.

We offer you:

• Professional live audio systems, stage lighting, video projection and video camera
• Video capture, recording and web transmission
• Audio, video and control system throughout the building
• Architectural lighting design and regulation systems
• Design and installation of acoustic treatment for existing and new installations
• Environmental, aesthetic and scenic design
• Audio, video and lighting from multiple sites and multiple campuses, including portable systems and packaging
• Acoustic measurement and analysis, including environmental noise and NC analysis
• Optimization and alignment of existing audio, video and lighting systems
• Updates of equipment to existing systems
• Friendly and professional consultation at all levels
• New designs of facilities and constructions, including coordination with architects, designers and contractors
• Training and equipment for its staff and technical and production teams volunteers
• Ministry, infrastructure and master planning of facilities for the future
• Unparalleled support