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Interior Design New York

If any project is designed successfully, it will undoubtedly be executed successfully. When design is said successfully, it means that to achieve it, it must consist of the following components:

  •  Space planning, who will go and where? (walls, cabinets, accessories).
  •  Selection and specification of materials (products, decorative finishes).
  •  Budget planning.

These three elements are essential to obtain the expected results in the creation of a project.

Cvm Contractors clearly has these fundamental steps and applies them in their work. Most designers follow step 1 and 2 although the detail is that they do not have a showroom and that is what they need to show the best of their projects. With which they decide to get closer to companies like ours for that purpose. We love working with designers, for that reason, if you are a designer or you are a client and you know an interior designer, you can bring it and make the best fusion.
The third element (budget planning), is the most challenging for designers because the calculation of the cost of your project and the development of a realistic budget with the client, make it impossible for the designer to set prices for everything with showrooms and contractors.
In most cases, it may mean that you will only know how much the project will actually cost once it is designed. Setting a budget is important, but even if you already know exactly how much you plan to spend and told your designer, you do not know whether to complete your project within the range of the initial stages of design.

We like to simultaneously handle the process of obtaining permits and approval regarding construction services, plumbing and electricity that are required, we handle all of this for you, with which we obtain:

  • Permits from the local construction department (plumbing, electricity, general construction and any other architectural / acceleration issues, such as special applications and variations).
  • Approval of the board of directors and / or management, we will handle all that in your name simultaneously with the handling of permits and DOB requests, in case of living in a condominium.