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About us

Cvm Contractors Inc, is a company established with the sole purpose of satisfying the needs of our customers in the construction industry at the minimum possible cost, while using the best and latest technologies.

Over the years, we have been implementing new technologies that have gained wide acceptance in the construction industry. Our highly trained staff allows us to be among the top positions in the market, as they constantly attend seminars related to the Construction Industry and its new technologies. Our company continues its upward spiral, achieving better customer service and customer satisfaction in interior remodeling.

We have more than thirty (30) years of progressive experience in all phases of construction work. The experience gained in various management skills with important construction companies and government organizations has led to the consolidation of our brand. We promote sustainability and security. Special attention is paid to learning and developing new technical skills to improve the company's culture.

We are equipped with competent personnel whose technical qualifications and experiences have prepared them to offer professional, reliable and economical services for our clients. We value your business and look forward to your continued support.


We recognize that our main access is people with the skills required for their publication. If we want to continue being relevant, our environment and our culture must be propitious to adapt and respond adequately to the expectations of all. Our environment must be a place of excitement and innovation to complement and reward everyone. We work with our clients and employees as a team, we promote mutual respect within our organization, and we offer everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We continue to have our original values ​​of quality, safety, commitment and impartiality for all. Our ethical standards in the industry are impeccable. Since our business is based on reliability. Our reputation and the integrity of our peers are insurmountable because we pay attention to the details of each project.


We take our clients under the most rewarding solution that allows them to achieve their objectives. We believe that the right relationship means everything and is the bread and butter for our business. 

We strive to be proactive in our due diligence to know who our clients are, so that we can find a common ground of commitment from the beginning to the end of your project. What makes our family unique is due to our repeated clients, references and our hospitality towards them

We are licensed by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs. NYC-Department-of-Consumer-Affairs